Adventures on Kintail’s Shore by Piglet

By August 10, 2017Uncategorized

Adventures on Kintail’s Shore


Have you ever tried finding sea glass before? During my evening off in late spring I was walking along the shoreline of Kintail’s beach, watching the waves crash up against the shore. Moments later, I saw a piece of blue buried within some rocks, it was a piece of sea glass! A smile stretched across my face, I had never found sea glass before until this moment. That’s when I decided to set a goal for myself this summer. My goal was to find one piece of sea glass every day at Camp Kintail.

Every week I tell campers about my goal and encourage them to set one for themselves while they stay at camp for the week. Some campers have even joined me in searching to help me achieve my goal while I help them try and achieve theirs during their stay.

The search for sea glass is challenging, but the ecstatic sensation that fills your body when you find a piece is worthwhile. Sometimes my goal of finding sea glass seems next to impossible and feels easier if I were to give up, but its best to keep pursing your goals because the end result is worthwhile. I’m about 75 days ahead of schedule on my sea glass hunting and I couldn’t be happier!

Christina “Piglet” Molenaar