Adventure by Moringa

By December 21, 2012Uncategorized

Hey Everyone!

This summer is spent my time being the adventure director! Most days consisted of leading games, facilitating adventure elements and uniting a cabin through debriefing tactics. Adventure is an amazing part of camp because it allows campers to bond as a cabin and grow their teamwork leadership, trust and communication skills. The transformation in each caper and cabin group is why I find adventure so rewarding. Nothing can summarize the amazement I feel when a camper finally learns to speak their mind or take their first leadership role. Campers can do this using many games or the 14 adventure elements around site. These elements are set up for a range of age groups, skill levels. It was amazing to spend my summer teaching new variations of each element. It also allowed me to spend all day playing games! This was definitely one of the most rewarding and amazing summer!

Anita “Moringa” Young