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By December 15, 2014Staff, Summer Camp Programming

Hello my wonderful friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my job. I spend my days hiding away in the office and then campers often come up to me wondering what I actually do!

I sit at my desk in the office doing super important things like talking to parents on the phone and registering campers for the summer. In the spring we also get a lot of registrations for school groups and rental groups and Kintail on the Road, so I enter all that information into our system.

During the summer I get to sit at the registration table signing in campers. I love seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces as they arrive at camp! I spent a lot of my day inside getting Christmas cards ready, making cabin lists, and printing health forms, but I always make sure that I spend some time outside enjoying God’s creation! I like to walk around watching the kids do activities or going down to free swim to play some games in the water with campers! It’s a blast, I love my job.

See you soon!


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