Accessibility at Camp by Pelican

By December 11, 2014Staff


Hello all, Pelican here!

It has been a privilege working at Camp Kintail this past summer. What I’ve really appreciated about Camp Kintail is seeing how accessible it is for people with disabilities. Over the years Kintail has really put forth their best effort to make Kintail a wheelchair accessible camp! With the new beach stairs, ramps, and the accessibility harness, people with disabilities are able to access the whole camp. The beach is entirely accessible, so that people can feel the warm sun, nice breeze, and refreshing water. The rock wall and high ropes course has an accessibility harness so that everyone can enjoy that element of camp! Every year, Camp Kintail becomes more and more accessible for people that need it. Kintail is a wonderful place to be and we want everyone to be here!

Our hope is to see you at camp next summer and to continue to make Kintail an even more accessible camp!

Blessings, Pelican