A wonderful day with WMS and Presbytery

By May 17, 2010Special Events

On Tuesday, May 11, the Camp Kintail staff welcomed two groups.

Jill “Kowari” Fergusson with Laura MacDonald

The Ashfield and Ripley WMS groups went on a mystery tour in the morning and ended up at Kintail for lunch and a program.  It was a cold and rainy day but with a big fire in Harmony House we stayed warm and dry.  We had a great lunch of cream of broccoli soup, fried potatoes, and pulled turkey sandwiches.  After lunch we sang, watched a video about camp, told some stories, and did a craft.  We were delighted that Mrs. Laura MacDonald was part of the group, as she has a long history at the Camp and her father-in-law, Rev. Charles MacDonald, was one of the founders of Kintail.

As the rain continued, we welcomed the Presbytery of Grey Bruce Maitland.  Camp Kintail is situated in the Western corner of the Presbytery and we were glad so many came to the meeting at Kintail.  A few brave souls headed out in the rain for a tours and the rest gathered around the fire.  We again had a wonderful meal, which was barbequed chicken and pork chops.  The camp staff led worship, highlighted by Giana “Guava” Reinders talking about why camp matters to her.  The Presbytery meeting followed.  We were glad to host the Presbytery and we hope they will come back next year!

Knox Ripley WMS group at Kintail Tuesday May 11th
Back row:  Doris Rock, Betty Johnston, Beryl MacDonald, Valerie Gibson, Marge MacDonald, Marian Raynard
Front Row: Ruby Peterpaugh, Laura MacDonald, Joan MacKay, Mayme Wilkins

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  • Forest says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to report that I heard great things about the Presbytery meeting from my Grandmother and the representative from Knox Meaford. In particular, both spoke very highly of the meal – quite the treat they said. Sounds like the new BBQ is getting put to good use!