A Welcoming Community by Pelican

By January 15, 2015Staff

Pelican’s Blog Post

Hello everyone, my name is Pelican and I came to Kintail at the beginning of August to work as a LIT RC (Leading in Training Resource Counselor). One of the first things I learned upon arriving here at Kintail was their GROW philosophy. This acronym goes as such. G – God, R – Responsible, O – Outdoors, and W – Welcoming. I would like to comment on the Welcoming part of the GROW philosophy. Coming here to camp late in the summer was a little nerve wracking but very soon I felt right at home. Everyone went out of their way to introduce themselves to me and help me get accustomed to camp life and culture. I was extremely grateful and knew that this was a great place to be among such welcoming people.

As the month proceeded I got to be that person welcoming my LIT’s to camp and other campers as well. I wanted to try my best to make them feel so welcome to be here because I had received that from the staff and volunteers.

Kintail is a welcoming community for all people from all walks of life.

Hope to see you all next summer!