A Precamp Update from Marine!

By June 5, 2010Staff

Hello all!

Marine here, taking a break from planning all the FLASH’s for this year at camp to write a quick update on life at Kintail this May. We have been working very hard on preparing the camp for the summer and making everything look beautiful- though by “we”, I mainly mean the maintenance crew and all those who have come to help out over the past month. I have been primarily getting worship stuff ready, but I do help out with the site sometimes, I even used a hammer and an axe the other day! It is amazing to see the chapel being made over the past while; I often like to think that we are all a part of making history when we help with it. But it’s not just work that has been keeping us busy here, with such beautiful weather we’ve been playing a lot too! I’ve loved going on the rock wall in the evenings and catching some rays at the beach as a nice way to relax and get a tan going before the summer. Camp right now is a little quiet since Dune, Axis and Flame just left yesterday for a 3 day hike, but in just a couple days the rest of the program staff will be moving up too which is really exciting! We look forward to having them join us. Now, with all this thinking of the staff, I’m getting inspired to write a camp wide FLASH or worship service! Hmmm…so many ideas, so little time…

-Alana “Marine” Henrich