A Love Letter from Kintail

A scenic view of the front of Feathers Cottage and the tree in front of it. At the bottom there is a blue banner with green hearts.

This is a Love Letter

This is a love letter….
Every summer you arrive at camp, put on your staff shirt, and change your name.
You reassure parents, joke with campers, and organize all the medications.
You make sure the cabins are clean and proudly display all the pictures and notes prepared for you.
You bandage hurts, soothe sore stomachs, and give out icepacks.
You take temperatures and encourage handwashing.
You wash wet sleeping bags and hand out toothbrushes.
You are a listening ear and a voice of wisdom.
You provide space for tired counsellors and anxious campers.
You brighten the day of every person who walks through the door of Feathers.

This is a love letter….
Once in a while, we visit you at the Emergency Department at the Alexandra Marine and General Hospital.
You make sure our campers are seen quickly.
You are patient and gentle with our campers.
You make our campers and staff feel at home, when they are far from home.

This is a love letter…
We know how much you mean to us at Kintail – the nurses, paramedics, and physicians who keep us healthy and well at camp and at AMGH.
But now we are especially grateful for all the work you do when you are not at camp.
For you work in public health, nursing homes, hospitals, ERs, paramedic services, NICUs, schools, and so many other important and necessary places.
We are watching your bravery and resilience and dedication in the face of a pandemic.
We have experienced how much you care for us, now we can see how much you care for everyone – no matter what.
We are in awe of your commitment to the health of our country.
Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Love, Camp Kintail