A Letter From Hawthorn Cabin

By July 15, 2009Uncategorized

Dear Mom,
How are you? We miss you. We are having a lot of fun at camp! We want to come back next year. We have had birthday cake two times since we got here on Sunday! We had chocolate cake on Jane’s birthday and vanilla cake on Chloe’s birthday. They were good. We played two games that were so fun! The mermaid game was exciting and the pirate game was hard.
Everyday we get to go to the beach, some of us more than others. At the beach we swim, canoe and play in the sand. We also play volleyball and pretend to have our own restaurant. There are tons of stairs to get to the beach though, and it’s very tiring. At cabin optional we played BINGO, ate snack foods, fed the bunnies and drew with chalk.
Meals at camp are delicious! Our favourites were burgers, brownies and waffles! In the morning we go to sessions. We’ve gone on a bug hunt, made chalk, played with a parachute and planned a skit. After lunch we have down and out, we are pretty quiet, although it’s not easy to be. We write letters, nap, read & sing quietly!
Before bedtime we go to campfire. We are learning new songs like Baby Bumblebee, Funky Chicken and 3 Blue Pigeons. On Tuesday night we had campfire on the beach, it was pretty to watch the sunset. After campfire it’s time for bed, Amoeba & Pacific let us have 10 minutes before devotions to play and chat. We love to have fashion shows in our pjs. It’s a great way to end our day. Time for bed, goodnight Mom!

Love Hawthorn