Giving the Gift of Camp

Six years ago my church, South Kinloss Presbyterian in Lucknow, wanted to sponsor someone to come to Kintail. So I was given the opportunity to come to camp for the first time. Being a very shy 12 year old girl, I was very nervous about coming to camp as I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I was never really someone who wanted to come to camp. It turned out that by the end of my week at camp, I knew I wanted to come back the following summer. Camp became a place that I could be myself, break away from by shy self, and where I could share and experience God in a unique and different environment. Coming from a small church with very few youth, I was able to come to Camp and discuss faith amongst people my age, something that I’d had very little exposure to prior to camp. My first Kintail experience was such a positive, fun, and welcoming one that I continue to love every summer.


Now working at camp, I strive to give the gift of camp back to campers by making their experience the best it possibly can be. I want campers to experience the welcoming Christian community and fun atmosphere that I have for the past six summers I have spent here at Kintail. If it were not for my Church’s WMS, I would have never experienced the amazing place that Camp Kintail is. If I hadn’t been given the gift of camp, my life would be a lot different now.


– Banana