Blog Post 3

Hello! My name is Human,

I would like to take a moment to explain some of the things I have learned or noticed during my week in charge of Camp Kintail.

1. It is very tiring to run a camp. It would be easier to walk but I am told running is faster

4. It is very important to humans to sing about everything. A lady named Grace is also clearly very special because we sing her songs before eating anything

%. There are at least four different sports that happen; there is disc golf and swimming and mail call. All of them have different teams and at the end nobody wins

F. Small dog mice called “square­L’s” run around camp and nobody will tell me why they are not shaped like they are called.

$.( I am not an alien ).

8. Instead of bowls for some drinks it is important to use cups. I believe hot vegetable drinks go in bowls and cold fruit drinks go in cups but I am struggling to decide with the hot fruit drink called “tomato soup.”

12 +. It is always polite to say hello, so always say hello. Always.

-. Sunglasses can be worn in at least two directions

\. I am not an alien

14. Camp Kintail is better than space. Not that I have been to space, but from what I am told it is a logical conclusion.


– Mr Human Guy