5 Things to Remember When You’re Adventuring!

A black dog stands in the snow beside a fence.

I LOVE winters at Camp Kintail! When the site is covered with a blanket of snow the most amazing thing happens, on one hand the woods feel silent and still while on the other hand they feel like they have never been more alive with the life and activity of the woodland creatures. It’s magical! Here are some tips that I keep in mind when embarking on a winter adventure:

1. Dress for the weather!

For those who don’t know me, I hate being cold. When I am working in the office you will find me wrapped up in an electric blanket with a toque on. That means that when I head outside in the winter I gear up! Warm layers, a toque, proper footwear, snow pants, mitts, and my favourite Kintail buff all keep me warm when I hit the trails. 

2. Don’t forget sun safety!

Slop some SPF on your face and protect those peepers with a good pair of sunnies! I only want to hear people saying “My eyes are dim, I cannot see, …” around a campfire. 

3. Stay hydrated!

Pack a small bag that’s easy to carry with extra layers, some tissues (if you get a runny nose like me!) a snack and most importantly a water bottle! It’s easy to forget how dehydrating winter activities can be. 

4. Notice signs of life!

While you are out, be it on a hike, snow shoeing, skiing, skating, or even shovelling your driveway – stop and take a moment to look for signs of life. I like to stop, close my eyes and listen to the rustling of animals, the beautiful birdsong, and the wind across the snow. It helps me to feel truly present in the moment and grateful for the beauty around me. 

5. Bring friends!

Go on a winter adventure with your pup, walk with a friend to grab a cup of coffee, or get your whole family together to meet at a new trail! Spending time outside in creation is a great way to safely spend time with family and friends.

I hope that everyone is able to spend some time together outside this winter! I’d love to see pictures of your winter adventures!

Stay warm, 



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