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Kin-Tales March 2023

Dear friends,

One of my formative experiences as a young adult was my time as a Leader in Training at Camp Kintail in 1993. I continue to practice the skills of active listening, conflict resolution, and leading a program that I learned. Understanding group dynamics and leadership roles has been helpful in every context in which I have worked or volunteered. The friendships I made remain some of my most significant. The confidence I gained that summer allowed me to take on new leadership opportunities. I consider that summer one of the most important building blocks of my life.

Last summer, our two oldest children took part in the LIT program. I was thrilled that almost thirty years later, the program had the same impact on them. They have taken on increased leadership at school and will be on staff this summer. Having watched generations of LIT programs, I can without a doubt say that it is Camp Kintail’s most impactful program. (It also looks great on a resume!)

The LIT program is for young adults who are or will be turning 16 this calendar year. They come to Kintail for two weeks to learn leadership skills with their group and resource counsellors. LITs stay in the Nest. After the time learning in community, they are welcome to return for two weeks to work in a cabin with a counsellor at Kintail for a hands-on learning experience. For all the details about dates, please see our website.

Theresa & Johnathon

PS. It will be great to see friends at Kirk in the Cedars this Sunday or the Kintail service at Knox, Listowel on April 16th.

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