2021 Christmas Wish List

It’s back! This holiday season we are inviting members of the Kintail community to support the camp by donating items we are in need of for site maintenance, programming, and in preparation for Summer Camp in 2022!

Thank you for your generosity and support!

When you send your donation, we’ll be thanking you on our social media in more un-boxing videos! If you make a monetary donation online, your tax receipt will go straight to your inbox, just in time to wrap up 2021.

We are ever thankful for the countless ways the Kintail community helps keep the magic of this place alive, and hope that the spirit of the holidays find you and your family well as we head into the winter. Thanks for all you do and we’ll be sure to see you soon!

Christin “Hydra” Gillard

We LOVED using the Wish List items this past summer!

Kintail staff member named Sound stands smiling with a group of campers as their show off their discs for disc golf.

Fun New Sports Equipment!

Staff member named Xerocole smiles with a camper sitting in a red toboggan, ready to go down the 100ft slide at Camp Kintail!

New Toboggans!

A young male camper smiles and waves while wearing his PFD in a corcl on Lake Huron.

New Paddles!

Theresa stands smiling in the outdoor Chapel at Camp Kintail.

New Audio Equipment for Recordings!

These videos were a super fun way to thank folks for their generosity! We look forward to sharing more videos like these with you this holiday season!


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