2020 Leaders In Training!

Staff members named Sound, Digit and Columba are smiling wearing their bright green camp shirts while they pose for a photo in a tree.


It’s your 2020 Leader In Training resource counsellors here – Digit, Columba, and Sound. We have been so fortunate to get to know our eight wonderful LITs through a series of Zoom calls with each other. The LITs have participated in many of the same elements of the LIT program that they would on site at Kintail. They learned about communication, goal setting, leadership styles, and group dynamics. We have also spent time working on faith formation through chapels and FLASH sessions where everyone had a chance to ask questions about their faith, discuss where they see God in their lives, and prepare to lead these discussions with campers if they return to be a Kintail staff member.

In and amongst all this learning we have all found time to laugh, play, and get to know one another. We were fortunate to have the 2019 Arts and Crafts Director, Lune, on our call one day and she taught us all how to make some very cool origami creations. The LITs have gotten chances to play games and complete team building challenges that have brought them all closer together as a group.

Typically LITs learn about the different elements of a worship service and have the chance to go lead a Sunday church service for a local congregation. This year is slightly different and the LITs have prepared special Chapodcasts to share with the Kintail community. Be sure to keep an eye out for those on the Camp Kintail Facebook page to support the new generation of Kintail leaders.

We would also like to officially announce that Bog, Xenon, Petoskey, Xerocole, Glendale, Rift, Bluebell, and Iceberg have all been given their nature names. We look forward to the time when all of you at home get to meet these incredible young leaders in person!

With love from the 2020 LIT RCs,

Digit, Columba, and Sound