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The 2018 season at Camp Kintail would not have been possible without the help of over 140 staff and volunteers. From Program staff, Counsellors, Chaplains, Nurses, Kitchen helpers, and maintenance workers, it would not have been such a successful year without the selfless hard work and skills of all these people.

Every day we feel blessed at Camp not only because we have a beautiful lakeshore haven to worship God in, but because we have been graced this year with so many amazing people who have lent their talents to making Camp Kintail a place for others to grow, learn, and play.

During 2018 we saw our full time staff grow to 10 people as we added a full time Kitchen Manager in Mark “Lobo” Mertens and brought Christin “Hydra” Gillard on board as our Administration Assistant. Having a large team of experienced camp professionals who excel in their respective areas of responsibility has been beneficial to the long term success of camp and has allowed us to begin looking towards a future in which we operate year-round. Sadly as the year closes, we say goodbye to Alex “Crash” Fensham who has moved to Toronto and Colin “Arctic” Aerts who after his year contract has decided to explore new opportunities. We wish both of these exceptional young men the best of luck as they explore new paths.

Last year we explored the realm of hiring international staff through a placement agency. The success of this program gave us the confidence to hire more international staff this year. By the start of the summer we had 19 staff and volunteers from outside of Canada which included the following countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. This injection of new cultures has been beneficial to staff and campers as each person brought their own brand of personality to the cabins they influenced.

To celebrate such a successful year at camp, we threw a very special themed staff party at the end of the summer. Staff were thrilled to take part in a ‘Harry Potter’ themed shindig that split them into 4 houses and had them competing with each other in games of Quidditch and spells. At the end of the night we held our annual awards diner in the ‘Great Hall’ (MacDonald Lodge) and enjoyed amazing food made by the kitchen.

We would like to round off 2018 by sharing our most sincerest thanks to everyone who made it to camp this season to work or volunteer. We are grateful that there are so many generous and skilled people who care so deeply about camp.

– Matt “Turkey” Hill

If you would like to join us in the upcoming 2019 season and share your brand of skills with us, please check out our employment page for more information FOUND HERE