1980’s Campfire Throwback!

Black and white group photo of 1983 Camp Kintail staff.
Campfire Flash-back! 
Campfires in the early 1980’s when I was at camp were held in 3 different locations – one being the glen, another the firepit at the foot of the canoe path (at the mouth of Kerry’s Creek), and then up from the lifeguard’s chair, at the foot of the steps (now below the chapel).  The yellow song book “Praise Way’s was still relatively new – and we would often have a sing song from the praise ways books – before a meal, or after a meal and the camp director at the time (Rev. Dr. Bob Faris) would play the piano, and we’d shout out our favourite songs from praise ways – and it was how many of us learned those songs.  I do smile when people in one of my congregations say its a new song – and thinking that is what I thought in the early 1980’s.
Give me oil in my lamp, Pass it on, Seek ye first, Silver and Gold, We are one in the spirit, I’ve got the joy, We shall overcome, I cannot come to the Banquet, when the saints, were but a few that we would often sing!
Blessings, Marian
1980’s Song List
Kookaburra (sits in an old gum tree)
Cuckoo (twas on a summer’s evening)
It only takes a spark
Jacob’s ladder
I want to linger
Auntie Monica
Rock a my soul
Alice’s camel
I’m a nut
If you’re happy and you know it
Quartermaster’s store
How peculiar
I know an old lady
3 short necked buzzards
Today (while the blossoms)
Black Socks
Boom, boom, ain’t it great to be crazy
Fish and chips and vinegar
Canoe song (my paddle)
Land of the silver birch
Michael row the boat ashore
He’s got the whole world
This little light of mine
If I had a hammer
Kum ba yah
Rise and Shine
Do Lord
My Bonnie
The littlest worm
Pink pajamas
Tom the toad
The Happy Wanderer
Where have all the flowers gone
The Lion Hunt
Fire’s burning