10 Reasons to Craft at Kintail

An adult female crafter stands at a table covered with craft supplies in the Nest basement working on a project.

What are some of the best things about a Kintail Craft Retreat? Here’s just a few:

1. You are free to work on anything you feel like

Paint, Cricut, quilt, laser-engrave, darn some socks, crochet, make something out of clay- if you have the materials you are welcome to do it! Come to the craft retreat and spend as much or as little time as you’d like finishing up old projects, trying something new, or go ahead and nap the whole weekend!

2. There are other crafters and creators who will be keen to admire your work and encourage you along the way

It’s so much easier to get a project done with a few enthusiastic cheerleaders in your corner! Enjoy the support of those around you and lend your own kind words to others! The entire weekend is really just an impromptu show-and-tell for all ages!

Staff member named Tora and her mother sit at a pine harvest table in the Nest Basement working on craft projects at Camp Kintail.3. There’s always coffee, tea, and snacks to keep you energized as you work

It’s so nice to stretch your legs and take a break when you’re crafting all day. It’s even nicer if on that break you grab a nice coffee and freshly baked pastry. Mark and Tracy, the Kintail chefs, will help make sure you’re always refreshed and energized!

A pumpkin scone and s'mores square on a plate with people sketching a design on pieces of wood in the background.4. Your room is there for you if you just need some rest

Kintails comfortable accommodations will ensure you have all the rest you need. Sleep soundly through the night… and mid morning… and maybe the afternoon too. You know what? Just follow your heart on this one. No one’s here to judge you and napping is most definitely encouraged.

Desk and shared hallways between two Nest bedrooms at overnight summer camp.5. The grounds are beautiful and inspiring

For those energetic folks, Kintail offers of forested hiking trails as well as easy beach access through the outdoor chapel! You can take a series of ramps all the way down to the beach, or go exploring along the creekside and ravines. Trail maps are available at the office.

An icy and snow covered Lake Huron captured during the sunset on a winter day.

6. The meals are delicious and you’re always welcome to seconds (or thirds)

Dispel the myth of the starving artist! Guests will enjoy excellent catering and we lovingly accommodate all dietary needs. You can indicate any allergies or preferences when you register and we’ll be sure to have alternatives for you!

A plate with eggs benedict is set on a picnic table with a glass of orange juice beside it, ready for a guest to enjoy eating.

7. It’s the perfect time to meet new people, or bring along friends and family

This is such a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your friends or family who you may not see as often throughout the year! Enjoy a weekend doing something fun together!

A group of 4 ladies smiling on The Nest front deck holding their crafts.

8. The staff are so friendly

The Kintail staff love to see what projects your working on. They pop down to take photos of you and your work and are always there to answer questions or lend a hand!

9. You can try something new

Each craft retreat Kintail offers one activity for folks to try! Maybe it’s string and nail art, live-edge paint nights, or something for the holidays- you’ll have the chance to enjoy a guided craft and get some friendly advice if you need a hand!

10. It’s a great chance to be inspired and take some time for yourself

This retreat is truly wonferful in how flexible it is. Bring whatever will fill you up the most and enjoy creating the perfect experience for yourself with all of the food, dishes, and clean up covered.

A beautiful sunset over Lake Huron with red muskoka chairs on the beach deck facing towards it.


Not convinced? Call and talk to me. I’ll chat about the craft retreat all day long! Still not sure? Ask around and talk to some of our regulars, they’ll explain just why these retreats are so fun, restful, and worthwhile. I truly do hope we get to see you crafting sometime soon, down at Kintail Camp! -Christin “Hydra” Gillard


Click here to see upcoming retreats and register online! Call 519-529-7317 with any questions.