Camp Kintail is committed to providing a space for children, youth, and adults to grow in God’s love. As Kintail’s programs and site are reaching capacity, we are excited to announce new projects that will enable Camp Kintail to reach and impact future generations.


Camp Kintail is thrilled to be launching the “Space to Grow” capital campaign for $1.2 million to make this possible.
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Space to Grow Overview

Over the past 10 years Camp Kintail has been dedicated to expanding and improving our programs, activities and buildings. In this period we have experienced wonderful growth and improvements to the point where our site has reached its capacity for further expansion of the mission. Several years ago, the Camp Kintail Board along with Kintail staff, alumni, and local ministers worked with consultants to begin a Master Planning process. The goal of this Master Plan was to identify the strengths and needs of the ministry and develop a plan for the future of Camp Kintail.

Out of this process, it was determined that Camp Kintail must undertake its first major Capital Fundraising Campaign since the 1970s in order to prepare the site and ministry for future growth and expansion. The result of this decision is the Space to Grow Capital Campaign, which aims to raise $1.2 million over several years in order to facilitate the three phase Master Plan.

This is a major endeavor for the Kintail community and we hope for enthusiastic support of this campaign. We are excited about the future of Camp Kintail and encourage you to read about the three phases of the campaign below.

Phase 1 – Space to Play – Yurt Village in Glen

Status: Complete

One of the most successful programs at Kintail is our Outdoor Adventure camp, known fondly as ODA. Outdoor Adventure Camp has a focus on nature and campers spend as much time outside surrounded by God’s creation as possible. One of the most unique things about ODA is that they prepare and eat a portion of the meals outside over a fire; a connection to food and nature which is so important for children to experience.

Considering the success and impact of this program the first phase of Space to Grow was to develop a new campsite to be used primarily by Outdoor Adventure. Three yurts were purchased and installed down in the Glen, along with a fully accessible wheelchair ramp. This unique campsite set apart in the woods is the perfect place for the ODA campers to experience nature and community. We are very proud of our Yurt village and encourage you to visit it the next time you are on the Kintail site!

Phase 2 – Space to Learn – New Leader in Training Home

Status: In Progress, construction expected Fall 2017
Financial goal: $500 000

During the Master Planning meetings, it was acknowledged that the most important program we run at Kintail is our Leader in Training (LIT) program. LIT is a month-long leadership camp for 16-year-olds and they learn leadership skills to use at camp, school, church and community. LIT is often a transformational experience and an integral part of the ministry at Kintail.  In order to support this program Kintail will be constructing a new building in the south field to house the leader in training program and accommodate some other important needs of the Kintail community.

This new building will include four LIT cabins with private bathrooms, new washroom and shower facilities to accommodate the growing camper population.  It will also include new hotel style guest accommodations which will expand the variety of groups we can house on the site and provide some much-needed staff housing for Kintail’s growing staff.  This space will also be used for Kintail’s chaplains and volunteers.

This building is currently the primary focus of the fundraising efforts and we hope to begin construction fall 2017. Please take a look at the 3D renderings of the building design below to get a feel for how this building will look and fit into the site.

Phase 3 – Space to Rest – Welcome Center & Hotel Style Guest Accommodations

Status: Future Development

At Kintail we constantly strive to create an open and welcoming environment for all who visit the site. The last phase of the project will be to build a new Welcome Center at the entrance to camp as the first place for guests to stop and be welcomed into the community. This building will include new office facilities and more hotel style accommodations for guests.

This building will expand the accommodation types available on our site and allow us to host a larger variety of groups and families. A centralized welcome center and camp offices will improve the guest experience and further Kintail’s philosophy of creating a welcoming community for all.

Want more information about Space to Grow or information on other ways to contribute and donate? Email Rev. Theresa McDonald-Lee at [email protected]